Our Mission

We restore furniture. In the process, we restore ourselves. One piece at a time, for one peace at a time.

It took me 14 years post-combat and a lifetime of fakeness to realize I had a problem. I hid every emotion, relationship and social interaction until I got a brush in my hand. Our mission is to help you find peace through paint.

Our Services

I'm available for projects in the Dallas area.

If you have a piece you'd like to be restored, please let me know by email at cvrrme@gmail.com or by calling 786-578-5704. We'll talk about your project and pricing, and I can pick up the piece or work on site, depending on the job and your preference.

Our Work

Mid-Century Door Headboard

Refurbished Desk

Cabinet Facelift

Our Story

I'm Matthew, and I have Combat PTSD.

I went to Iraq on February 21st, 2003. My unit began the ground campaign that transitioned from Operation Enduring Freedom to Operation Iraqi Freedom. I was lucky. I didn't experience the things my brothers and sisters in arms had to after me.

But what I did experience, I hid. It affected every relationship in my life. I even hid from my own family. I withdrew and hid, because they wouldn't understand.

I wouldn't say anything to anyone for a reason. How could they know what I know and understand what I feel?

After more relationships fell apart, I realized it was my fault. I had a problem. So I went to rehab, and I was lucky to find a counselor who told me what I was thinking before I opened my mouth. Then she told me why. At that moment, I knew I wasn’t alone. She changed my life.

Around the same time, my stepmother asked me to paint a desk that had sat idle for four years in her garage. I did it. That was the first moment in 14 years I found peace -- true peace -- in my life. It was like watering your driveway.

My ultimate goal through CVRRMe is to teach other Combat Veterans to paint. If I can have one, just one, feel that peace, this will be worth everything. Other Veterans have had it worse than I have, but here, that doesn’t matter. Just one brush stroke, just one piece, just one moment of peace, is all that matters.

... ...

Our Future

We're just getting started.

"They don't understand" and "they never will." It's time to come to peace with that. I found that first peace in my life, and it was with a brush in my hand -- not a glass or a drug, or in a group or an intervention. Our future is helping other Combat Veterans find peace through paint, like I did. This isn't for other people. This is for you.